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  • DGF-40B tube sealing machine

    DGF-40B tube sealing machine

    The machine is for the diameter of 16- diameter 60MM, height 60-258MM plastic tube, aluminum-plastic composite tube, sealing, printing date (date), packaging machinery.

    The machine adopts pneumatic device (AIRTAC) and uses hot air heating system , the formation of imported hot and high steady , flow from the inner wall of the tube, blowing hot air, to melt the plastic, then beat insections (stripes, twill) and batch number (1-4 group). With perfect sealing, fast speed, no damage to the sealing of appearance. Sealing beautiful, neat. Can be widely used in cosmetics, toothpaste, medicine, food, oil and chemical industry.

    main technical parameters  

    1, production capacity: 5 - 40Pcs/Min (according to the material.)

    2, equipped with air source: >0.5Mpa >0.14M3/Min

    3, voltage: 220V 50HZ

    4, power: 3。5KW

    5, counter: 0 - 999999Pcs

    6, size: 800 x 900 x 1100mm

    7, weight: 80Kg t: o� 

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