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  • automatic paper folding machine

    ZE series automatic folding machine

    ZE series automatic paper folding machine is a small desktop paper folding machine developed by our company, for folding paper in various ways, the machine structure is reasonable, and the large rubber feeding paper, separating accurate, stable performance, convenient operation, high efficiency, large quantities of widely used in product brochures, correspondence letters, business letter folding。 ZE-9B minimum width of 30 mm after folding, The utility model is especially suitable for the use of medicines and cosmetics with small width after folding。

    Technical parameter:

    Supply voltage: AC220V/50HZ 110V/60HZ

    Power: 50   Fold number: 2

    The whole shape of (mm):1050 * 525 * 505

    Carton size: 620 x 520 x 620

    Gross weight: 44 (kg)   Net weight: 35 (kg)

    Maximum line speed: 80m/min

    The maximum available paper size: 310mm * 700mm

    Minimum usable paper size: 50mm * 70mm

    Paper thickness: 20g--125g (Note: when paper is less than 40g, should be appropriate to reduce the speed of operation)

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