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  • full automatic high speed capping machine

    Model XGJ-6 automatic inline screw capping machine
    XGJ-6 type automatic inline capping machine is improved recently by Shanghai Jiacheng. The utility model has the advantages of beautiful appearance, handiness, fast speed of capping and high passing rate, and can be applied to different bottle shaped screw caps in food, pharmacy, daily chemicals, pesticides, cosmetics and other industries. Four speed motor which are respectively used for clamping the bottle cover, capping machine, transmission, and high degree of automation, good stability, convenient adjustment and replacement of the bottle shaped or cover without spare parts, only need to be adjusted to complete (with cover machine, which can automatically cover).
    Two, the main technical parameters:
    1, production capacity: 160 bottles / min
    2, bottle cap size: 15-70 mm
    3, bottle diameter: Phi 35-, Phi 140 mm
    4, bottle height: 38-300 mm

  • automatic cap load & pressing machine

    Automatic cap load & pressing machine

  • pneumatic capper

    Pneumatic capper

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