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Two chamber vacuum machine

Model: DZQ-4002S
Origin: Shanghai
Features: to achieve quality preservation, preservation, preservation of flavor, color preservation, extension of product storage period
Scope of application: petrochemical, daily chemicals, pharmaceutical, food and other industries
Hotline: 021-68221182
Using this Dictionary Instructions

DZQ-400 vacuum inflatable packaging machine can be used in "vacuum packaging" and "vacuum inflatable packaging" of small vacuum charging machine. Vacuum packaging is pumped into the low vacuum for packed bag, automatic sealing bag immediately, because of high vacuum, little residual air, inhibit bacterial reproduction, prevent article oxidation, mildew and corruption, while some of the soft goods, after vacuum packaging, can reduce the packing volume, and convenient transportation and storage.

Vacuum packaging is the packaging bag after being vacuumized, and then filling amount of inert gases (such as nitrogen, carbon dioxide), then it is automatically closed, because with an inert gas, its inhibition of particle propagation effect, so to achieve the quality, at the same time, inflatable packaging due to internal and external pressure the difference is small, the packaging is in natural state,   bright and full, increase of packaging appearance。


The machine for plastic film and aluminum foil composite film for packaging materials of solid, liquid, powder, paste food, grain, fruit, vegetable, fruit, chemicals, electronics, precision instruments, rare metals such as vacuum packaging or vacuum packaging. After packing, it can prevent oxidation, mildew, corruption and dampness of products (commodities) so as to guarantee the quality, freshness, flavor, color and prolong the storage period of products.


1 the cover of this machine is made of fully transparent plexiglass, and the package is clear at a glance.

2 the machine has the function of vacuumizing, sealing. For different packaging materials and different packaging requirements, the machine is equipped with vacuum, heat sealing temperature, heat sealing time adjustment device, so as to achieve the best packaging effect. This machine can according to the requirements of users, with convenient change and clear letter for printing device, while sealing, alsp printing guarantee period, date or serial number on the product, the provisions to meet the national food labeling law.

3 the machine has advanced technology, complete functions, stable and reliable performance, wide application range, good sealing strength and convenient operation and maintenance。 It is an ideal small vacuum inflatable packaging machine at present。

Working Principles Working principle
Technical parameters technical parameter

1, Ultimate vacuum: 1.33 2Kpa (kPa)

2, vacuum chamber volume (length * width * height): 440*440*130mm

3, packing speed: 15-20 seconds / times

4, power: three-phase 380V50HZ single-phase 220V50HZ

5 、 motor power: 0.75KW

6 、 heat sealing power: 0.8KW

7, overall size (length * width * height): 520*490*930MM

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