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Fully automatic strapping machine

Fully automatic strapping machine
Model: DB-200AL
Origin: Shanghai
Features: full automatic, beautiful sealing, stable performance and high benefit
Scope of application: petrochemical, daily chemicals, pharmaceutical, food and other industries
Hotline: 021-68221182
Using this Dictionary Instructions

High platform automatic strapping machine is suitable for binding ordinary things。 The utility model is suitable for bundling a assembly line with different package sizes and irregular shapes, and the belt conveyor can realize the operation of completely unmanned binding。 The use of table power belt, lift type transmission mechanism, easy maintenance。

Technical characteristics:

1, adopt strong, durable, efficient K body as the main body.

2 adopt the interpersonal interface and excellent PLC control, fully digital operation, simple parameter adjustment and stable operation.

3, the design of special feeding and unloading track has enlarged the range of applicable packing belt and greatly reduced the cost of packing.

4, no refueling type maintenance, strapping firm, fast, long service life.

Working Principles Working principle

Modular Aluminum Alloy bow frame design, convenient disassembly and assembly easy; automatic design, operation more convenient; the maximum size of the strapping is decided by the bow, bow can be customized according to the needs of users; motor, reducer, cam, tightening arm operation; packing tightening force of excellence, less failure and convenient maintenance; packing action soft, excellent durability, perfect function after packing; finish packing then stop motor, saving power utility.

Lifting up panel, convenient for maintenance.

The new electric heating device has fast heating and long service life.

Single chip electronic control, fully functional and easy to operate。

Technical parameters technical parameter



Voltage (V/Hz)

AC 220/50




Strapping Object Size (Max) (W×H) (mm)

800×600 (Standard type)

Strapping Object Size (Minimum) (W×H) (mm)



Strapping Speed (S/Strap)


Strapping Force(N)


Applicable Belt(PP or PE) (mm)

Width 9-15 Thick 0。5-1。1

Work Platform Height(mm)


Size (L×W×H) (mm)


Weight (kg)



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